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"Quality Is Our Mission".

Wholesale suppliers of logs ,Cut size
& silly size of Burma teakwood,
Silver Oak Wood,
and African teakwood , Spruce etc

GRACIA PLY Gracia plywood teak VENEER Burma TEAK


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GRACIA PLY Gracia plywood teak VENEER Burma TEAK

About Sengani & Company
GRACIA PLY Gracia plywood teak VENEER Burma TEAK

Bringing Quality and growth to your business.

Quality Policy The Company invests in both people as well as production facilities. The quality begins with the buying of best logs and using an advanced production process and as the products gets ready, we ensure to deliver the same to our clients immediately and effectively. At SenganiPatel Timber Exporter, we have a best combination of traditional machine as well as high quality computerized control machine. We at SenganiPatel Timber Exporter with quality material, are equally concerned for the efficient use of logs for the production. Our productions cines are efficiently managed to get maximum recovery and finish products from logs. All Klin drying machines are fully automatic & CPU controlled which ensures it enhances the quality of wood to satisfy our customers. Timber is dried & treated around moisture of 8% to 12% according to customer's requirement & use of timber. We also have laser guided straight line edger, which gives smooth & accurate finish to the edges of plane. This finish normally required where planks have to be laminated further for making big planks or making floors & deck of boats.